Superannuation is for the provision of a retirement income.  While our superannuation system is often perceived as complex and difficult to have control over, if used correctly it will provide a retirement lifestyle that ensures very little if any tax and provides a flexible structure for your retirement wealth.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds SMSFs represent the most tax effective investment, wealth creation and estate planning structure available in Australia. They are also proving popular because they offer people flexibility and control when investing their super. The number of SMSFs has grown dramatically in recent years and now represents the largest superannuation segment in Australia.


The benefits of SMSF’s are summarised as follows:

  • Control over the fund’s investments.
  • Ability to invest in a wide range of assets, including the ability to gear.
  • Significant estate planning benefits and flexibility.
  • Cost savings for large account balances.
  • Tax concessions and strategies, e.g. tax free payments to those over 60, transition to retirement pensions, splitting of contributions between spouses.
  • Asset protection advantages.

HLB Mann Judd as your SMSF Administrator and Adviser

In respect of your SMSF, HLB Mann Judd can provide you with the following services:


  • Superannuation Trust Deed.
  • Fund Tax File Number Application.
  • Fund Australian Business Number Application.
  • Notice of Election to Become a Regulated Fund.
  • Minutes, Membership Application Forms & Product
  • Disclosure Statement.
  • Nomination of Death Benefit Beneficiaries.
  • Benefit Rollover Documentation.


  • Annual Financial Statements.
  • Annual Member Statements.
  • ATO Income Tax & Regulatory Return.
  • ATO Member Contribution Statement.
  • Business or Instalment Activity Statements.
  • Fund Audit.
  • Investment reporting.
  • Conversion to Pension.
  • Benefit Payment Processing.
  • PAYG Payment Summaries.
  • Actuarial Certification.


  • Contribution strategies to maximise contributions.
  • Pension planning and projections.
  • Tax effective retirement strategies.
  • Regulatory compliance and investment structuring.
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