HLB Mann Judd understands that ‘not-for-profit’ organisations have a mission, are driven by dedicated boards, in many cases assisted by motivated volunteers, and also that focussed business practices can help you build the service outcomes you want from that vision.

The challenges that you face inevitably surround raising revenue and containing costs... just like any other business, except that the surplus stays in the organisation for the future, rather than being distributed to shareholders.

The major objective of "building capacity” faces every non-profit organisation... achieving a balance of reliable revenue from members, functions, external grants and donations versus services provided, and often the number of core-staff hired and retained to leverage the volunteer force who are engaged in “the vision” you have for the community.

Pro Bono Australia Salary Survey 2017

HLB Mann Judd is proud to be a partnering sponsor of Pro Bono Australia's 2017 Salary Survey.

The Salary Survey which has been released for the fifth consecutive year, provides strong benchmarking standards for Australia’s expanding Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector and contains comprehensive salary data analysis and identifies clear trends in gender equality in the NFP Sector.

The Survey is an invaluable tool which addresses:
  1. Salary levels for CEOs, Executives and Managers
  2. Remuneration comparison across location, number of employees and operating budget
  3. Benchmarking data for key roles
  4. Remuneration policies used by organisations across the sector.

Click here to purchase the 2017 Pro Bono Salary Survey Report.

HLB Mann Judd will be hosting launch events for the Pro Bono Salary Survey Report. Please check the dates below for your nearest event;

Sydney - 11th April - Click here to find out more.
Melbourne – 13th  April - Click here to find out more.
Perth – 12th  May - Click here to find out more.
Brisbane – 25th May - Click here to find out more.                    
Adelaide – 16th June - Details TBC      


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