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COVID-19 Resource Centre

A collection of updates, insights and guides to help you manage the impact of the virus crisis.

2021 IPO Watch Australia Mid-Year Report

The 2021 IPO Watch Mid-Year Report wraps up the first six months of 2021. It provides commentary and analysis of the Australian IPO market.

Financial Times - Winter 2021

Welcome to HLB Mann Judd’s Financial Times for Winter 2021. Our quarterly newsletter on business and personal finance information.

Our People


Andrew Ash

Business Advisory


Andrew specialises in assisting business owners and their families with achieving their long-term strategic objectives.


Simon James

Advisory, Audit & Assurance


Simon is responsible for assisting clients with a wide range of accounting and corporate matters, with a particular emphasis on audit and assurance, due diligence, succession planning and the initial public offering of shares and securities for those groups seeking to list on a local or foreign stock exchange.


Greg Quin

Business Recovery & Insolvency

Perth Insolvency WA

Greg Quin is a partner at HLB Mann Judd Insolvency WA with over 10 years of corporate and personal insolvency experience. He primarily specialises in voluntary administrations, creditors’ voluntary liquidations and bankruptcies.


Peter Wirtz

Tax Consulting


Peter has over 15 years working experience in leading professional service firms and industry in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, China and Japan. He enjoys helping companies access government incentives, navigate commercial and IP issues to help them reach their potential.


Lauren Whelan

Tax Consulting


Lauren is a director who specialises in corporate taxation. She has extensive experience advising businesses (both publicly and privately owned) across a range of industries including manufacturing, property, waste management and freight forwarding.


Jason Edwards

Audit & Assurance, Business Advisory Services


Jason’s career began in 1998 in audit and assurance. Today, he is a partner in the Auckland firm and provides a wide range of services to a variety of different organisations. He advises and assists clients with tax requirements, financial statement audits, internal audits, financial reporting, due diligence and independent valuations.

Client case study: financial modelling

HLB Sydney's Advisory team built a robust financial model which enabled a NFP's Board to flex assumptions and make informed key strategic decisions.

#HLBCommunities Day 2021

On Friday 4 June, HLB came together to support the environment and local communities for #HLBCommunities Day 2021.

Increased financial support for NSW

The NSW and Federal Governments have announced increased financial support for those impacted by the recent COVID-19 lockdown.

Latest tweets:
A huge thanks to #teamHLB for participating in this year's #HLBCommunities Day and helping our local communities an…, $2.9 billion has been raised by new market entrants in the first six months of 2021, compared to only $132…“Salary sacrifice into super what you can afford to, to build it up and boost #retirement savings, whilst also redu… can benefit from having organised financial affairs, not just the family who may outlive you. It can offer p… corporate and audit services partner Marcus Ohm noted another 23 companies had listed in the first thre…

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