I am regularly asked: ‘when is the right time to seek financial advice?’ Often people are prompted by a significant life event to put the financial planning wheels in motion. However, hindsight is a beautiful thing and clients often say they wish they’d started earlier. So why not prepare to be your most successful and invest in your financial future?

It’s a common misconception that you need to have accumulated wealth to justify financial planning – you do not need to be ‘wealthy’ to need a financial plan. The reality is we all have future planning requirements and can benefit from some planning, at every stage of our lives.

Below are some key reasons you should start implementing a financial plan now:

  1. You’re Prepared. You have a plan in place and, while a plan cannot anticipate every bump in the road, having a plan will mean you are better placed to weather the storm.
  2. You have someone in your corner. The benefit of having a financial planner is that you know exactly who to call when things arise. There is no need to re-explain your story, as this person knows you well enough and you trust them to assist you in making the best financial decisions.
  3. You’re not missing out. Half the reason people miss out on opportunities available to them is because they were unaware or not informed. Having an adviser means that they are on top of your situation and can highlight opportunities of which you can take advantage.
  4. No more financial guilt. Addressing your financial affairs can be quite a daunting task particularly if you have ignored them for some time. However, the first step is recognising that something needs to happen or change – working with the right financial planner will help you put the wheels in motion.
  5. It keeps you accountable and on track. Financial planning is as much of a financial review as it is a life review. Understanding your goals and objectives will allow you to put a plan in place to achieve your own financial success. Having a financial planner ‘coaching’ you through this process keeps you accountable and more likely to succeed.

If you are looking for the answer to the right time to plan, it is now. Set yourself up with the tools required to be financially successful and prepared in life.

HLB Wealth will be hosting a breakfast session entitled ‘Building Your Financial Future’ on Tuesday 17th September, where we will discuss the foundations for financial success allowing you to develop a solid platform in order for to build your best financial future. More details are available on the HLB Mann Judd website, or email myself at llockhart@hlbwa.com.au

This article was authored by Lauren Lockhart, HLB Wealth Financial Adviser, and first appeared in the Spring 2019 issue of HLB Mann Judd Perth’s Client Alert.

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