Continuing the conversation from our September webinar ‘Navigating the way out – NSW business towards 2022 & beyond’, join the conversation with our panel of experts who will present insights and strategies on current challenges and opportunities.

Webinar summary

In this webinar our panel of experts covered the following topics:

  1. Year-end retail opportunities and challenges (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas). Will bricks & mortar retail bounce?
  2. Property lending and mortgage update – key market trends
  3. Preparing for ongoing supply chain challenges – certain industries are anticipated to have ongoing disruption to the supply chain -such as manufacturers, construction, and freight forwarding.
  4. Will 2022 be the year of the exit? – get the succession plan in order now
  5. Prepare now for success in 2022 – cash will be king

What should you be doing?

  • Watch the economic data and contemplate how it may impact your business;
  • Monitor key data – sales, stock, costs as the recovery starts to establish trends;
  • Share information with your network to gather multiple views; and
  • Plan and understand your strategy so it can be adjusted.

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