We would like to introduce you to Georgina Tate, Head of People & Culture, Sydney.

Recently Georgina sat down with John Schol, CA Cataylst POD Cast Host, and Lachie Shannon, a culture and performance specialist. In this episode Lachie and Georgina share their thoughts on fostering talent, staff training programs and skills development.

Georgina Tate

CA Catalyst podcast series Small Firm Big Impact

Episode 7: The New Age of Talent

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The workforce of the future

The workplace has changed considerably since the onset of the pandemic. Throughout the podcast episode, Georgina shared insights on HLB’s initiatives and activities that had helped navigate the firm’s workforce. Like many of today’s advisory and accounting firms, the Sydney office is a multi-generational work place with four different generations working together. Although the generations work well together, the differing approaches to communication can sometimes be challenging.

Georgina commented that technology had fostered communication in the firm. All staff (and clients) had quickly adapted to remote working and communicating via Teams or Zoom. Most staff also appreciated the flexibility that came from a hybrid work environment. However, she stressed that traditional forms of communication such as talking to someone in-person or over the phone would always be the preferred approach by the partners, particularly when the staff were in the office.

In addition to embracing new technology, Georgina stressed the firm’s training and development initiatives were focusing on the skills required for the future. HLB is looking for the accountant who is ready for 2021 and beyond.

Top priorities for today’s graduates?

Georgina noted the most frequently asked questions by today’s graduates. They wanted to learn more about the firm’s:

  • Strength and stability – reassurance that the firm will invest into their development and present opportunities to progress their career.
  • Workplace structure – what does a hybrid work environment mean for a graduate? How will working from home affect their development and access to managers. 
  • Healthy firm culture – activities and social events for staff. The opportunities available to graduates to get involved as well as mix with other staff in the firm.

HLB Sydney is currently accepting audit and assurance graduate applications. Go to our Position’s Available to learn more.

If you have any questions, please contact Georgina via LinkedIn or email: hr@hlbnsw.com.au.