Kerolos commenced at HLB Mann Judd Brisbane as part of the firm’s 2020 Graduate Program. He joined HLB as an undergraduate in a full-time role while completing the last three subjects of his university degree.

When Kerolos joined HLB, he was seeking an opportunity to get a hands-on experience and work with clients. He wanted to be an essential and valuable member of the team and feel like his contribution would make a difference.

Undergraduate Brisbane

What’s your ‘Team HLB’ story?

HLB Mann Judd is a mid-tier firm and I decided its size and structure would be a good fit for me. Working for a mid-tier means I get to be more hands-on and involved in the client work.

I believe taking on responsibilities should be the goal for any young accountant starting out. The feeling of ownership and responsibility is what will drive your success – particularly as your career grows and you start to take on clients and advise them on their business journey.

Since starting at HLB, I believe I have been presented with lots of new opportunities. The firm has a great culture and also a healthy work life balance. I enjoy my workday but also have time to head to the gym or catch up with friends outside of work.

Follow Kerolos as he walks us through a day in the Brisbane office

I am an early starter. I like to settle into my morning. I arrive, drop off my backpack and grab a coffee from the staff kitchen. I usually run into friends and we chat to learn what we’ve been up to since we saw each other the previous afternoon!

I then head to my desk and structure my work for the day.

Late morning is usually the time I regroup my thoughts and review what I have accomplished so far. I have a couple of internal meetings coming up to which I will attend. I start preparing for the meetings which means a quick catchup with my manager to discuss workflow and a couple of other outstanding items.

I usually take lunch at 1pm. Most of the time I head out and grab something from one of the nearby food courts or cafes in the city.

Today I brought my lunch which means settling in at one of the benches in the staff kitchen and chatting to whoever is also hanging out there.

Afternoon coffee is a must! I take a short break and then turn my attention to what I need to complete before I leave for the day as well as decide what I can put aside for tomorrow.

My internal meetings went well which helps me understand what to prioritise.

It doesn’t happen everyday however…

Monthly staff drinks and birthday morning teas are great because they always bring together everyone in the office. Also, the events at HLB are usually well organised and are tailored for all age groups.

Kerolos’ advice for graduates

My recommendation would be to put yourself out there and give it a go. Don’t hold back on a position just because you feel like you will not enjoy it. The more experience you have at a young age, the greater your chances of success are; your career starts with how much experience you have, so start young and early.

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