There are now a number of different options available to entrepreneurs and established business owners looking for capital to support operations, generate cashflow and help them grow. Recently, our Melbourne firm invited a panel of speakers to discuss and explore different funding options available to business owners.

The speakers were:

The event kicked-off with Andrew providing insights on how FIFO Capital assists SMEs with debt funded cash flow and working capital needs. He also demonstrated how FIFO Capital differs to the traditional banks. FIFO Capital can provide fast, simple, effective funding solutions to business owners without affecting their borrowing capacity.

Matt’s presentation covered options for equity crowdfunding. According to Matt, equity crowdfunding is beneficial to early stage business owners who may find it difficult to obtain traditional debt funding. The key takeaway for business owners considering this funding option is to present a strong customer value proposition.

As an evaluator of prospective investments, Mark from Armitage Associates is looking for ‘capital, active team and access to network’. He further explained that Armitage Associates typically invests in businesses that are ready to partner and collaborate in order to grow the business to the next level.

Unlike private equity space, IPO is generally not the right path for succession planning. Investors are looking for returns. Richard further explained how bootstrapping can help successfully raise capital. He also touched on the costs associated with such an exercise.

We recommend speaking to your HLB Mann Judd adviser if you are considering alternative funding or capital raising options for your business.