Are You Giving Retention Strategy The Attention It Deserves?

Date: 4th September 2018
Time: 7:30am - 9:00am
Location: HLB Mann Judd Perth
RSVP Date: 30th August 2018

Retention is a critical part of business strategy. With turnover costs calculated as at least 100% of the annual salary of the position, this often overlooked or poorly managed aspect of running a successful business deserves some serious focus.

Recruitment in WA is ramping up across the board, the mining industry is already screaming about labour shortages, and globalisation is driving intense international competition for talent. Businesses who have previously had great retention are starting to lose key employees.

Simon Moir and Anne-Marie James of Itch Recruitment, will talk about retention strategy for businesses with both high and low turnover, allay some misconceptions about retention, and suggest a framework which can be utilised to implement the right retention strategy for your business.

A light breakfast will be provided.