Exclusive Not-for-Profit Boardroom Briefing June

Date: 19th June 2018
Time: 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Location: Sydney
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Culture of Innovation

Eloise Newbury, Innovation Manager, Social Impact Sector Banking from Commonwealth Bank will present the highlights and findings from the 2018 Innovation Insights Report.

Eloise will then lead an Innovation Culture workshop, where she will raise the importance of Innovation culture and how to assess whether your organisation has growth or a fixed mindset. To define Innovation, to create a narrative and to explore the most widely used Innovation tools best suited for the sector.

Cory J. Steinhauer, Founder of the Humanitarian Institute will discuss and explore the implications for the Social Sector “AI and the Rise in Inequality”.

Our world is being transformed by two big forces: the technological revolution and the rise in inequality. He will raise the question on whether they are linked with good reason to believe they are. Without a knowledgeable and mobilised social sector, technology and the rising demand for high skilled labour will leave many people behind.

Are you and your organisation prepared to respond?