Financial Planning Essentials For Women

Date: 23rd July 2018
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Location: HLB Mann Judd Perth
RSVP Date: 19th July 2018

Women are increasingly taking responsibility for their own financial future and becoming more financially independent than ever.

At this event, our speakers will provide an update on the essential financial planning areas which meet women’s needs most specifically so that you are prepared financially for life’s unexpected twists and turns and well-placed to protect yourself and your family financially.

This workshop is ‘by women for women’ to help you take charge of more responsibility in your financial life so it aligns with your goals and priorities, providing you with greater financial security and peace of mind. Covering essential financial and legal areas in an understandable way, we’ll help you build your financial confidence, understanding and, ultimately, protect yourself for the future.

The presenters will provide an insight into the difficult issues of inheritance, estate planning and family breakdown, as well as being able to provide general information as it applies to you.