Day-to-day ‘busyness’ can often mean there is less time to think about and activate long-term improvements in your club’s operations. This can become frustrating and often mean you are always on the back foot.

While it might seem as if there are a million reasons for this situation, when you drill down to the heart of the matter you’ll probably find that the real culprit is inefficient processes. So how do you get on the front foot? The key is to get the information you need when you need it and to manage your time instead of letting time manage you.

Here are our four steps to help you get there;

Hold regular senior management meetings

How do you currently generate ideas, keep yourself in the loop and keep your team involved and informed about plans and priorities? Effective meetings are a critical part of this process. While it can be tricky to get the right people together at the right time, it’s nonetheless crucial that you establish a schedule of regular meetings and stick to it.

Identify an action plan from each meeting that includes a time frame and assigns responsibilities. Any action points not dealt with should be carried forward. Circulate a record of the minutes to team members unable to make the meeting.

Get 100% from your technology

When it comes to point of sale and gaming systems, accounting, membership and payroll software, we find that most successful clubs have the latest technology but they’re only utilising around 50% of its capabilities. Problem is, they’re missing out on the big benefits to be found in the other 50% due to a lack of follow up training and regular system review! Utilising the full capabilities of technology can deliver huge long-term gains in improved efficiency and controls, better reporting and less paperwork.


Don’t try and do it all. Consider delegating tasks and giving other team members more responsibility. You’ll both reap the benefits.

Hold a workshop run by an external facilitator to identify inefficient processes

Meet with each division of the club and ask staff how their processes and practices could be improved for greater efficiency. Ideally you should use an external facilitator such as Cutcher & Neale to encourage staff to speak more freely.

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