HLB Mann Judd hosted an exclusive webinar to the Barristers’ Clerks focusing on JobKeeper 2.1 and Barrister Finance.

Webinar summary

This webinar covers the following topics exclusive to Barristers’ Clerks:

JobKeeper 2.1
  • The Turnover test
    • Basic test
    • Alternative tests
    • Cash vs accruals
  • Eligible employees and Eligibility of individual barristers as sole traders
    • Refresh on basic eligibility requirements
    • Payment tiers (Hours test)
  • Service entities and other changes to operations, including drop-in floor fees revenue.
Barrister Finance:
  • Homeloan and Business Loans
  • Interest Rates and Structuring
  • 90% LVR’s for Barristers with no LMI payable
  • What the Bank’s look for when assessing servicing – Debtor Listing (30/60/90 days), WIP listing, ATO Portals, 2 years tax returns and latest BAS

The panel of Experts:

  • Bill Nussbaum – Director, Tax Consulting
  • Basilio Scaravili – Manager, Tax Consulting & Compliance
  • Betty Preshaw – Director, Debt Advisory

To access the presentation slides, please click here.

How can we help?

If you are unsure or think you don’t qualify for JobKeeper, contact Bill Nussbaum to review your current situation.

For further insights on how we can help you and your business during this challenging time, please visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre.