On 26 August, the Exclusive Not-For-Profit (ENFP) community invited a distinguished panel of leaders in the sector to share their experiences on leading Not-For-Profits through COVID-19. They also shared insights on what they considered major hurdles and opportunities for the sector.

Webinar summary

This webinar addresses the challenges and lessons learnt by leading Not-for-Profits through COVID-19. The Exclusive Not-For-Profit  (ENFP)Community heard from several highly respected members of the Not-For-Profit community:

  • Nirmal Hansra, Board Chair – Campbell Page
  • John Hutcheson, CEO – Legacy Club Services
  • Ollie Parker, CFO – Sylvanvale Foundation
  • Katherine Raskob, CEO – Fundraising Institute of Australia

The webinar panellists addressed a broad range of relevant and timely topics for NFPs as they navigate their way through COVID-19 and beyond. Some of the points addressed by the panellists included:

  • The evolving nature of roles and responsibilities of directors during COVID-19;
  • The importance of engaging with management teams and stakeholders;
  • Diversifying revenue streams and cost-saving strategies;
  • The types of efficiencies that stem from reviewing past processes;
  • Staff salary management through COVID-19;
  • Managing cash flow following the cancellation of major fundraising events;
  • Risk mitigation and management for upcoming fundraising campaigns; and
  • What NFP leaders anticipate will be the biggest change for the sector in the “new normal”.

Go to our COVID-19 Resource Centre for further insights to help you and your business during this challenging time.

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