Economy, efficiency and effectiveness

Measuring performance must be a key component of your governance processes. It is also fundamental to your organisation achieving its objectives and maximising its impact. Assessing your performance not only identifies and tracks progress against your own goals, and the expectations of your stakeholders, it allows you to compare your performance against both internal standards that you set and external benchmarks that you can be assessed against.

At HLB Mann Judd we have significant experience in the delivery of performance audit, monitoring, and evaluation services. We can also assist you in promoting a learning culture across your organisation that focusses on promoting your strengths, identifying and addressing your weaknesses, and establishing the root cause of both.

More specifically we can:

  • Assess the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of your organisation, or key functions of your organisation
  • Evaluate your services, activities, and/or processes against pre-determined criteria that are established in conjunction with you
  • Assess the current framework you use to management and monitor your performance
  • Review the relevance, completeness, accuracy and timeliness of performance indicators and measures that you use
  • Benchmark your performance, or aspects of your performance, against “like” organisations and/or Australian/International Standards where relevant and appropriate
  • Assist you to create a learning culture across your organisation (i.e. address areas for improvement, promote good practices and continuous improvement, implement effective change management etc)
  • Compare your learning culture against accepted principles of business excellence.

Our specialised performance audit approach relates to the assessment of operations from the 3 E’s perspective. The interdependence of the 3E components is presented in the following diagram:

HLB Melbourne Audit