Why privacy is important

Australian privacy laws (both Commonwealth and State) regulate the handling, storage, use and disclosure of personal information by government, not-for-profit and private organisations. The legislation is complimented by a number of principles which govern:

  • How you collect personal information;
  • How you use and disclose personal information;
  • The quality of the data you collect;
  • The security over data you collect;
  • Openness and accessibility to your policies on the management of personal information;
  • Rights to access the personal information you have, and the requirement to have any inaccurate information corrected; and
  • The requirement not to use government record numbers (for example Tax File Numbers, Medicare, License etc) you collect to identify individuals.

Your organisation must comply with the legislation, and accompanying principles, or develop its own “Privacy Code” to regulate the handling of personal information. Given the dangers of today whereby exposure to cyber crime (whether internally or externally) is real, and the consequences to your organisation can be significant, you must have strong controls which secure the private information you hold.

How we help clients

We will work with you to assess the framework you have in place to manage privacy considerations in the following manner:

  • Review your current privacy policies and practices against our specifically designed “Privacy Framework Assessment Checklist”
  • Work with you to develop and implement a road map of actions to address any gaps identified in the Privacy Framework Assessment
  • Help you develop your own “Privacy Code”
  • Assist you identify and manage your privacy related risks
  • Investigate the root cause of any data breaches you experience, and help you develop a data breach response plan
  • Assess the strength of your system security controls, particularly those governing sensitive data, and your data governance practices more generally
  • Measure the level of privacy related staff awareness, and their knowledge of privacy policies and processes
  • Conduct privacy awareness training for your staff, including training on induction.

Our staff have an excellent knowledge of Australian Privacy legislation (both Commonwealth and State) requirements, and have significant experience with privacy related frameworks at government, not-for-profit and private organisations.