SME Research Report 2017/18

SMEs are the lifeblood of the economy, and there are more than two million actively traded businesses in Australia. They are also valued clients of HLB Mann Judd.

As a result, we bring you this SME Research Report. The Report provides insights into the opinions and concerns of business owners, and explains how SMEs are surviving and thriving.

We know SMEs love hearing and learning from their peers. The Report contains comments and experiences of SMEs about their top business concerns, and ideas for addressing their needs.

Our Report discusses three new emerging trends:

  • How business owners are acting to de-risk their business;
  • Ways business owners are improving efficiency to increase profits;
  • Why they want to work smarter not harder.

We encourage you to use the insights in this year’s Report to take action. With our advice and support you can take control of your improvement journey. The first step is completing the Business Risks Survey. This will give you a personalised Business Risks Scorecard (shown in the Report) with a snapshot of the key risks in your business.

We welcome your feedback on the Report, and the team at HLB Mann Judd look forward to discussing this further with you.