At our recent webinar ‘Navigating the way out – NSW business towards 2022 & beyond’, 78% of attendees believe the Australian economy will return to the positive position of June 2021 (before delta) in either March or June 2022 quarters.

Webinar summary

Are you ready for the opportunities in the coming six months?

Recruitment and retention of key employees remain an area of concern with 81% of attendees finding it difficult to retain talent or having to offer more money and spend more time to get the right person.

In this webinar our panel of experts covered the following topics:

  • What are banks and financial lenders indicating and doing
  • How cash flow management can reduce risk and increase funds
  • A succession & exit plan is now more important than ever
  • Rebound of interest in M&A activity
  • Restructuring options and current state of play
The key takeaways from the webinar were:
  • Australia has performed better than most OECD nations;
  • There is a great opportunity for a second bounce;
  • Lenders have money on offer in the SME sector; and
  • Having the right staff continues to be very important.
What should you be doing?
  • Watch the economic data and contemplate how it may impact your business;
  • Monitor key data – sales, stock, costs as the recovery starts to establish trends;
  • Share information with your network to gather multiple views; and
  • Plan and understand your strategy so it can be adjusted.

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