In this webinar we have invited The Missing Link’s Chief Information Security Officer, Aaron Bailey to discuss Risk Management and HLB Mann Judd Partner Nicholas Guest from Corporate Advisory to provide an overview on Financial Continuity.

Webinar summary

In the webinar The Missing Link’s Chief Information Security Officer, Aaron Bailey discussed the following topics regarding risk management:

  • Breakdown of recent high-profile cyber incidents and OAIC notifiable data breaches;
  • The anatomy of a large-scale breach response including a timeline of a real client compromise and recovery; and
  • How to better detect, prevent and respond.

Nicolas Guest, Corporate Advisory Partner, HLB Mann Judd provided an overview on how your internal processes and systems can evolve and adapt to allow your organisation to survive and thrive in an environment with increased volatility and uncertainties.

The Missing link is providing a complimentary ASD8 Quick Assessment to give you a quick insight into where you may have a high level of maturity vs where you may be at risk. The ASD Essential 8 (ASD 8) provides mitigation strategies to effectively:

  • Prevent malware delivery and execution.
  • Limit the extent of cybersecurity incidents.
  • Recover data and system availability.
  • The assessment tool takes 3mins and once you answer all 8 strategies the results will provide information as to where you are positioned.

Click here to access the ASD8 Quick Assessment tool.

To access the presentation slides, please click here.

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