Talking family business

Welcome to our talking family business podcast series, where we’ll be exploring different aspects of running a family business with HLB thought leaders and special guests.

Each episode of the 6-part series is 10 to 15 minutes long. Check back regularly for new episodes or subscribe to listen to the series via Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Eps 1: Establishing the relationship

HLB Mann Judd Partner Stephen Preen and Western Earthmoving (WEM) Managing Director Graham Ragg discuss the early stages of their 50 year working relationship helping WEM grow into NSW’s largest privately-owned civil contractor.

Eps 2: Maintaining the relationship

Stephen Preen and Graham Ragg discuss the original succession when Wal Ragg handed over the reins of WEM, and the massive shifts in industry forcing them to remain ever nimble with their financial planning.

Eps 3: Planning a succession

Stephen Preen and Graham Ragg are joined by Tom Ragg to discuss the nature of succession plans, how to ensure a smooth transition rather than a bump, and why business owners’ children need to be paying better attention.


Eps 4: Regenerating the relationship

HLB Mann Judd Business Advisory Manager Tom Roberts and Western Earthmoving General Manager Michael Ragg join the program, bringing unique insights into being a protege, mentoring relationships and building a support network of your own.

Upcoming Episodes

Eps 5: The need for routine future-proofing

Stephen Preen, Tom Roberts, Graham and Michael Ragg join forces to expose secrets around the need for constant future proofing.

Eps 6: Successions & siblings

Stephen Preen, Tom Roberts, Graham and Michael Ragg are joined by Tom Ragg, for an open conversation about successions, inheritances and family trusts.