HLB Mann Judd, along with co-host Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative (ACYPI), held a panel discussion on the Impact of Cultural Diversity on Australian Businesses, presented by Harjot Sahni, one of the Managers from our Business Advisory Division.

The panel of guest speakers consisted of Ms Molina Asthana, Principal Solicitor with Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office (VSGO), Mr Mukund Narayanamurti, CEO of Asialink Business and Mr Harsharn Gill, head of the Food Research & Innovation Centre at RMIT University.

Given 1 in 2 Australians are either born overseas or have parents that are born overseas, it is clear that Australia needs to be at the forefront of cultural diversity in today’s world.

Our guest panellists provided their views on how diversity has impacted their businesses and where Australia is headed. They key take away message was that although Australian businesses are progressing in the right direction, there is still more to be done. Gender equality, a fair representation of indigenous Australians and people from all cultural backgrounds is the key to creating a successful workforce based on merits and talent. As all the panellists agreed, education at all levels was a key, beginning with our kids at schools, all the way up to the decision makers of businesses and institutions.

Every individual has a personal bias. It is about admitting this bias but more importantly, breaking the barriers and finding out more about the other person. Quite often, one will find that the other is not too different after all.