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COVID-19 Resource Centre

A collection of updates, insights and guides to help you manage the impact of the virus crisis.

M&A Annual Report - FY2021

Despite the world locking down and masking up, Australia’s merger and acquisition activity did not slow during FY2021. This report analyses deal volume, pricing and industries, as well as providing an overview of deal activity in the SME space as well as insights as to what the year ahead holds for transactions.

Financial Times - Spring 2021

Welcome to HLB Mann Judd’s Financial Times for Spring 2021. Our quarterly newsletter on business and personal finance information.

Our People


Michael Hutton

Wealth Management


Michael is recognised as a leading practitioner in personal wealth management, with a particularly high level of expertise in the establishment and management of SMSFs. He is often quoted in newspapers and regularly presents at professional superannuation and wealth management seminars.


Ian Brown

Business Advisory Services, Tax Consulting


Ian has over 40 years experience in all areas of taxation, audit and business advisory for SMEs. Ian takes a hands-on approach with issues that confront people in business. He is seen as a trusted adviser by his clients.


Keith Robinson

Tax Consulting


Keith’s expertise lies in involvement with small, medium and large private companies. During his career in the Business Advisory and Tax divisions, Keith has established and maintained longstanding relationships with clients in many industries.


Georgina Ridhalgh

Business Advisory


Georgina is a client-driven trusted advisor who works primarily with family businesses and large high net worth family groups.


Darryl Smith

Business Advisory Services


Darryl is highly regarded for his ability to communicate with people in an easy to understand and practical manner. With over 20 years experience, he has specialist skills in advising privately owned businesses in relation to operational, management and growth strategies.

Managing Partner

James Henderson

Business Advisory Services, Tax Consulting


James is the managing partner of the Brisbane firm and chair of HLB Asia Pacific. He is a well-respected business strategist. His clients benefit from his extensive experience and ability to find outside-of-the-box solutions.

Mandatory JobKeeper disclosures for listed entities

Listed entities are now required to make certain disclosures to the market about JobKeeper payments. The information will be made publicly available.

Additional Testing Required for JobSaver

JobSaver participants will need to perform fortnightly testing to confirm continued eligibility for the grant. Earlier this month Service NSW announced that 13 – 26 September 2021 will be the first fortnight for which confirmation will be required.

Business health check for medical practitioners

It’s important that doctors and medical practitioners who run their own practice make time in their busy schedules to check their practices are business healthy.

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The long-held 60/40 asset allocation rule is no longer adequate if Australians are to #retire comfortably, Sydney's… people believe a financial plan is predominantly about the return on their #investment portfolio. The reality… need to be ready to make informed decisions if forced into action by circumstances outside their control… many #SMSFs established during the 1990s these trustees are now ageing and need to be reviewed. Sydney's Micha… has “never been so much cash floating around” but it is hard to find good opportunities for acquisition, espe…

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