Are you considering aged care services for a family member?

The decision to move a loved one to an aged care facility can be complex and sometimes urgent. It’s a challenge to realise that Mum or Dad can no longer continue to live in their own home.

Questions and unfamiliar terminology

Refundable accommodation deposits, daily accommodation payments, income-tested fees and ACAT assessments are unfamiliar terms to someone navigating the aged care system for the first time. There are many financial questions that need to be addressed; what should we do with the family home? Will this affect Dad’s pension and how can we afford this?

In addition to managing the complexity of the aged care system, there are the emotional challenges of your loved one not willing to relocate to a new and unfamiliar environment.

Accessing suitable aged care for a loved one in a timely manner can be complicated. At HLB Mann Judd in Brisbane, we have Aged Care Financial Advice to support you at this time. We can ease the financial stress, allowing you to focus on your loved one.

Our aged care management services include:

  • Explanation of the process involved – from ACAT assessment through to moving in and ongoing support.
  • Negotiation assistance for accommodation bond and payment options (e.g. RAD verses DAP).
  • Assistance with assessing various financial options and how they will impact fees and age pensions.
  • Assessing and managing cash flow in relation to ongoing aged care fees and personal expenses.
  • Advice on the financial impact of selling or keeping the family home.
  • Completing any required paperwork for Centrelink / DVA – Age Pension and assets and income testing.
  • Liaison with providers, facilities and Centrelink on your behalf.
  • Review of your financial situation (including aged care fees and pension entitlements) for clients already in care.

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